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Music for our teaser trailer April 2, 2011

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Since we could not use copyright music, we found a website on the internet providing downloadable, royalty free music. This website had a wide range of genres, and it was very convenient to use.


Shooting Schedule

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This is a house in near Nudrat’s  neighborhood. We thought this house would be perfect for the girls’ mansion. We are going to take an establishing shot of this house. Nudrat and I already asked permission to shoot the exterior of the house from the owner.


This is the staircase of our friend Sarah’s house. We wanted a shot of the girls walking down a grand staircase to show how wealthy they are in the beginning, and Nudrat and I thought that this staircase would be good for this scene.

This is the room which are going to use as the room in their small house. It’s a room in Nudrat’s house and it has been empty and uninhabited for a long time, so it has peeling paint, rolled up carpet and dusty mattresses, along with a lot of dust. So it would be perfect for our film.


Prop list March 28, 2011

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Dressing Table Scene (Scene 1):
1. Dressing Table
2. Photographs of the two sisters and their dad
3. Jewelry Boxes
4. Perfumes and makeup
5. Stickers for mirror
6. Fur for decorative purposes
7. Clothes (See costume list)
8. Sunglasses

Kitchen Scene (Scenes 8, 10 & 12):
1. Frying Pan
2. Eggs
3. Apron
4. Plate
5. Burnt bread
6. Cookbook
7. Stove
8. Spatula
9. Clothes (See costume list)

Entering New Room (Scene 7):
1. Dusty mattresses
2. Rolled up carpet
3. Dismantled beds
4. Clothes (See costume list)

Looking At Small House (Scene 6):
1. Suitcases
2. Duffel Bags
3. Clothes (See costume list)

Bicycle Scene (Scene 11):
1. One Bicycle
2. Two schoolbags
3. Clothes (See costume list)

Mall Scene (Scene 2):
1. Ice Cream
2. Twenty shopping bags of different bags (eq Levis, Crossroads, etc)
3. Cell phone
4. Clothes (See costume list)

Staircase Scene (Scene 4):
1. A grand, double-arched staircase
2. Clothes (See costume list)

Bad News Scene (Scene 5):
1. Dining Table
2. Flower Vase
3. Porcelain crockery (plates, teacups, bowls, teapot)
4. Newspapers
5. Cell phone
6. Clothes (See costume list)

Dusty Mattress Scene (Scene 9):
1. Dirt
2. Talcum Powder
3. Bed sheet
4. Mattresses
5. Suitcases
6. Duffel Bag
7. Clothes (See costume list)

Spider Scene (Scene 19):
1. Fake Spider
2. Thread
3. Clothes
4. Suitcase
5. Book
6. Bed sheet
7. Clothes (See costume list)

Snuggling In Bed (Scene 14):
1. Bed sheet
2. Mattresses
3. Lamp
4. Side table
5. Stuffed animals
6. Storybook
7. Blanket
8. Pillows and cushions
9. Clothes (See costume list)

Park Scene (Scene 15):
1. Ball
2. Hoola Hoop
3. A lush green ground
4. Clothes (See costume list)
5. Extras

Role Model Scene (Scene 13):
1. Rockery
2. Clothes (See costume list)


Timeline of our teaser trailer

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To get our ideas into sequence and to form a concrete plan of what Nudrat and I want to shoot in our teaser trailer, we made an timeline.





Treatment of our trailer

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Scene 1:

The girls, Annie and Sarah are getting ready in front of their dressing table. They are putting on make-up, putting on perfumes and sunglasses. They are happy and carefree.


Scene 2:

The girls are shopping at an expensive mall. They are flaunting their wealth, buying expensive things and talking on their expensive cell phones.


Scene 3:

The exterior of their huge mansion is shown.


Scene 4:

The girls are walking down the grand staircase. They are spoilt and snobby in their gestures and behavior.


Scene 5:

The girls enter their dining room for breakfast and see a newspaper lying on the table. Sarah picks up the newspaper, and Annie peeks in and asks:

Annie: “What’s this?”

The newspaper headlines read “Stock market crash leaves the Ameer Empire bankrupt”. There is a picture of the girl’s father below the headline. Small headline states “All company and personal property to be auctioned off.” The girls look at each other in disbelief and shock. Sarah takes out her cell phone and calls her father.

Sarah: “Dad, have we really lost all our money?”


Scene 6:

The girls are moving into their new house which is a small rundown, dilapidated place. They are standing outside with their suitcases.


Scene 7:

The girls enter their new room. The room is decaying, with peeling walls, dust everywhere and old, broken furniture lying around.

Sarah: “This is our new room?!”

Annie: “Oh. My. God.”


Scene 8:

Sarah is trying to make breakfast for Annie and herself. Her confusion is obvious in the way she breaks the egg with a knife and the egg splatters all over the counter.


Scene 9:

The girls are setting up their new room. They spread a bed sheet on the mattresses on the floor. The bed sheet is covered in dust and as they try to make the beds, all the dust flies in the air, and they end up coughing.


Scene 10:

Sarah continues her quest to make an egg. This time, she has managed to break the egg in the frying and pan and is now trying to flip the egg.


Scene 11:

Sarah and Annie are late for school. As they no longer have a car, they are traveling on an old bicycle.

Annie: “Hurry up, we’re getting late!”

Sarah: “I wish we had our Mercedes right now.”


Scene 12:

Sarah finally makes the egg, but it is completely burnt. Annie enters with a plate of burnt toast, and Sarah puts the burnt egg on that plate.

Annie: “I just lost my appetite.”


Scene 13:

The girls are sitting with Mary, an teenager who lives in their new neighborhood. They look up to her as their trusted friend. Mary is speaking.

Mary: “We think that having expensive clothes and the latest gadgets will make up happy, but in the end, the things that matter cannot be bought with money.”


Scene 14:

Annie and Sarah are cuddled up in their bed. Their room now looks more cozy and lived-in. It shows that they are in the process of adjusting to their new life, and they are getting closer to each other. Sarah is reading a bedtime story to Annie.


Scene 15:

Annie and Sarah are playing in their neighborhood park with their new friends. They are laughing and playing with a ball.


Scene 16:

Annie and Sarah are eating ice cream together. It is clear that this whole ordeal has made them grow closer.


Scene 17:

Sarah is tickling Annie in the park.


Scene 18:

This scene is after the titles appear. Sarah is in her new room, unpacking. She is humming to herself, while folding her clothes. She picks up a shirt, and sees a spider lying underneath it. She’s shocked at first, and slowly gets up and starts screaming hysterically. Annie comes marching in with a book in her hand, clearly annoyed. She smacks Sarah with the book.

Annie: “Are you nuts?”

Sarah: “But…uh…look…”

Annie: “It’s just a spider.”

She throws the book at the spider.



Analysis of posters February 2, 2011

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Posters are advertisements for the film. Some observations when analyzing posters are :

  1. The name of the film which is a prominent.
  2. Date of release
  3. Mood of the film is reflected by the colors, font and design of the poster.
  4. It includes a catchy slogan to intrigue the audience.
  5. Main actors of the film are shown in the poster, and their appearance through their costumes and expressions are important to attract the audience.